More Collective Nouns

For everyday use.

Image: Daniel Lombraña González

A passion of teachers

A sigh of poets

A swallow of psychopharmacologists

A growth of stoners

A handle of drunks

A denial of Republicans

A pyramid of polyamorous people

A table of chemists

A floss of dentists

A torture of lawyers

A tray of servers

A bubble of elites

A tempest of teapots

An armada of Mormons

A catechism of Christians

A revelation of Catholics

A query of Jews

A nirvana of clouds

A disturbance of Jedis

A box set of DJs

An encyclopedia of librarians

A cancer of smokers

A fistfight of bros

A shrug of celebrities

A hot-air-balloon of politicians

A dream of peace treaties

A disaster of wars

Josh Lefkowitz won the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Prize, an Avery Hopwood Award for Poetry at the University of Michigan, was a finalist for the Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize, and won First Prize in the Singapore Poetry Contest. His poems and essays have been published at The Hairpin, The Rumpus, The Huffington Post, and many other places. He has also recorded humor pieces for NPR’s All Things Considered and BBC’s Americana.