Things I Read This Week And Liked

Friday reading roundup


As I was writing this column, I came across a post by my friend Lauren Hoffman, a writer for Vulture and Cosmopolitan: “I’ve made many real/good friends on Twitter but I guess if I met all my friends working at, like, the mall and the mall became a tacit endorsement of fascism I would keep the friends but stop going to the mall.”

I’ve left Twitter. It is unusable for anyone but trolls, robots and dictators | Lindy West for The Guardian

David Byrne offered a different version of a guy. David Byrne was not going to beat you up, right? He was a huge relief.

Filmmaker Mike Mills shares seven objects that inspired 20th Century Women | The Cut

New Yorker

A Guide t0 Museumgoers’ Body Language | Hallie Bateman for The New Yorker

Context allows people to assume, and also determines whether or not someone is assuming in your favor. Despite a lifetime of people demanding to know “what” I am, I never actually know until someone else tells me.

Explaining My Multiracial Identity (So Others Don’t Do It For Me) | Jaya Saxena for Catapult

Mm, clicky: How to make Barbie salad | Live feed of two Google Homes talking to each other | Aliens are trying to speak to us imho