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Friday reading roundup


Over popcorn shrimp and a Clean Mean Salmon Roll, Paris agrees to address this issue for what she says will be the only time.

Paris Jackson: Life After Neverland

There’s always a fine line between appreciating the art that someone’s making out of her fucked-up life and feeling like your attention makes you complicit in her self-destruction.

Cat Marnell Is Still Alive

Those who were criticized for not participating reminded their followers of the suffrage movement, when black women were increasingly marginalized in the fight for the right to vote, and highlighted the lack of policing at the women’s march, a luxury never granted at Black Lives Matters demonstrations. And they reminded anyone who’d forgotten that 53 percent of all white women who voted voted for Trump, while 94 percent of black women voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton. They reminded people that it is very likely that the white women in the photograph probably know — or are related to — someone who voted for Trump. That photo cuts to a truth of the election: While black women show up for white women to advance causes that benefit entire movements, the reciprocity is rarely shown.

Who Didn’t Go to the Women’s March Matters More Than Who Did

In 2016, he told The Washington Post that he chews dozens of pieces of cinnamon-flavored gum each day, swallowing each one whole.

“Two and a half packs by noon,” Mr. Spicer told The Post. “I talked to my doctor about it, he said it’s no problem.”

Dippin’ Dots Extends an Olive Branch to Sean Spicer

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