> James and the giant

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My favorite human being is a tall, goofy man called James.

A few pertinent things:

  • James, as you may know, is the name of the main character of a Roald Dahl book called James and the Giant Peach.
  • For the nearly four years that my James and I have been together, I’ve had an Instagram account.
  • James often stands next to very large things while we are out in the world together.

Maybe you see where this is going.

Here’s James and some giant rocks:

James and the giant city:

James and the giant leaf:

James and the giant waterfall:

James and the giant lake:

James and the giant fire tower:

James and the giant cathedral:

James and the giant bridge:

James and the giant oyster flats:

James and the giant Zapotec ruins:

James and the giant sea:

James and the giant railway:

James and the giant 19th-century sculpture celebrating transportation:

James and the giant gorge:

James and the giant forest:

James and the giant mural:

James and the giant tidezone:

James and the giant atrium:

James and the giant mountain range:

As I was taking this picture: “You’re going to caption this ‘and the giant bridge,’ aren’t you?”

I’ll be documenting installments of James near giant things with the tag #jamesandthegiant on Instagram. If you have someone called James in your life who also has a tendency to be near large things, please tag your pics accordingly!

From Everything Changes, the Awl’s newsletter. Subscribe here.