Drynuary Questions? Drynuary Answers!

Everything you want to know except why the name is so cosmically horrible

Photo: Pulpolux !!!

In case you missed it over the break, the New York Times offered up a profile of “Drynuary” expert John Ore. Here it is:

A Night of (Mostly) Not Drinking With a ‘Drynuary’ Expert

Longtime Awl readers will remember John’s original discussions about Drynuarying and all its struggles and rewards in these very pages, with his Drynuarying partner in non-alcohol-related crime, Jolie Kerr. If you’re new to the site, and curious about Drynuary as a concept, here’s an explanation about why people Drynuary:

January Without Alcohol: Two Thirsty People Explain

And here is a week-by-week recounting of the Drynuarying experience:

Of course, there are other opinions. Just today, in fact, Awl pal Jim Berhle had this to say about people who do Drynuary and the Drynuary discourse:

Shut Up About Drynuary

But it’s alcohol. Everyone has opinions! Take this idiot, for example:

Does Drinking Help?

You will come to your own conclusions, of course. But read the pieces above and at least you will be informed. Bottoms up. Also can anyone PLEASE come up with a better name than Drynuary? It’s so bad.