The Sixteen, "Adam Lay Ybounden"

Christmas hasn’t come yet but you’ve already done it wrong.

Photo: Pietromassimo Pasqui

You made it. Tomorrow’s the Eve, Sunday’s the day and then Christmas is over. Are you already starting to feel like you didn’t do it right this year? Like you were too or distracted or depressed or otherwise engaged to really embrace everything about the season that made you happy in the past? Well, that is called being an adult. Christmas is always a disappointment after about the age of 11, and each year you get further away from it the greater the disappointment is. You still have two days to chase that childhood feeling of comfort and love but it’s not going to happen because life’s not sweet that way. Every summer there is a moment where you are walking around in the sunshine and heat and you are suddenly filled with a powerful nostalgia for Christmas, and every time the holiday comes back around you fuck it up again. That’s you, but that’s also part of being human. The good news might be found in the original lyrics of the holiday standard “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” which included the line “It may be your last.” Has that ever been more true? It has not. Anyway, here’s something lovely from The Sixteen. Enjoy, and happy holidays.