Holiday Dread: Sleeping Arrangements

Nana’s Christmas Floor Plan

Nana’s room of grandchildren: winter break, 1996 — present

A. Twin mattress for Jonathan, b. 1993, 6’3″
B. Twin mattress for Jacob, b. 1993, 6’3″
C. Twin mattress for Sam, b. 1995, 5’9″
D. Inflatable mattress for Aaron, b. 1996, 6’7″
E. Hamper
F. Closet, contents unknown. Door has not been opened in previous 21 winters.
G. Central heating vent. Turns on every 20 min, causing door H to creek or, if not closed completely, swing open.
H. Door to hallway. Grandchildren Zachary (b. 2005) and Max (b. 2010) have been tall enough to reach doorknob since ~2010 and 2015, respectively.

Jonathan is a grad student studying protest and performance. He loves his Nana and her house very much. He is on twitter @statusfro.

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