Cut Copy, 'January Tape'

How long does it take to go from lovable loser to execrable asshole?

Photo: Dan Gaken

Remember when the Boston Red Sox finally won a World Series again back in 2004? America was so happy for their fans. And then a couple of months went by and they turned into total loathsome fuckfaces, morphing before our eyes into Major League Baseball’s second-most detestable fanbase? (Cardinals supporters, you’re always champs to me.) I would share similar worries about Cubs fans but the good news is so many of them don’t give a shit about baseball: they barely give a shit about the Cubs. They just like the attention. Now that they’ve won they will forget about everything until the team makes another run next autumn, and even then it won’t be “as special as it was last year.” So I think we can all feel safe this time around in congratulating the Chicago Cubs for finally doing what the Chicago White Sox managed to do much more efficiently a little over a decade ago. Also, oh my God, I am too old to stay up for games like that anymore, RT if you agree.

Hey, you know what’s great and will never get annoying? Cut Copy’s January Tape. If you need some transporting music in your life right now — and given everything that is happening all around you, there is no way that you do not — it does the trick and then some. Please make some time to check out it. There’s a video sampler below, and if you go here and click the cassette there is more. I hope you enjoy.