RIP Swirl, "Parisien"

By all means, talk about the weather.

Photo: Mark K.

Even though I take time every Labor Day to tell you that summer is not over here in New York until November at the earliest, that the last few Christmases have routinely been near 60 degrees, you and everyone you know will spend the next few days complaining about how hot it is. And you know what? Great! Prattle on! I did not ever foresee a moment where meaningless chatter about the temperature would be preferable to any other kind of conversation but that is precisely where we are at this point in the history of the species. Let’s just talk about the weather and nothing else from now on. Can you imagine how much happier we’ll be?

Or maybe just listen to this: It has no words at all, which is the exact right number of words for the present moment. Enjoy.