Livio & Roby, "Romaniac"

Does it even matter what day it is anymore?

Photo: Tony Mangan

You know how some mornings when a week is dragging on longer than usual you wake up on a Tuesday and think it’s Wednesday? That didn’t happen today, did it? No, even though time has slowed to whatever takes longer than a crawl — the next Nobel Prize for Physics will go to whoever determines how the fucking debates somehow manage to warp the passing of the hours for weeks after they transpire— you opened your eyes knowing full well what day it is: It’s Tuesday, and it’s going to go on FOREVER. Normally at this point in the year you’d be freaking about how Thanksgiving is next month, but this time? Who gives a shit? Next month is A MILLION YEARS FROM NOW. You will grow old and die before Thursday happens, who can even conceive of Thanksgiving? We’re never going to get out of this week and if we do we’ll all be so old we won’t remember what happened to us. Here’s some music. Enjoy.