Foxygen, "America"

It wouldn’t surprise me at this point if time started going backwards.

Photo: Clyde Robinson

Four score and seven years ago we set out on a new week and here we are now, finally, at Friday. Seriously, what the fuck? How many months did you age each afternoon? Six days ago you didn’t even know who Ken Bone was and now all that’s left to complete his Internet life cycle (Who’s Ken Bone?/Look at Ken Bone/Here’s how to be like Ken Bone/Ten people who remind us of Ken Bone/Ken Bone said what?/I hate Ken Bone/Who’s Ken Bone?) are the hand-wringy thinkpieces on the dangers of elevating an average American to a position of memetic prevalence in an era of polarization and compressed attention spans. Nothing means anything and all of it takes forever. Except the weekends, the weekends pass so quickly. It will be an eternity before this day is over and moments after that it will be Monday again. At least by that point we will have moved on to some other obsession with which to distract ourselves from the emptiness of our lives and we won’t be talking about the guy… what’s his name? He wore a sweater? I think he was from the Midwest? Hmmm, now I can’t remember what I was saying.

Anyway, here’s a new song from Foxygen that is equal parts annoying and appealing, which I guess is their formula. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as you are irritated by it.