Dead Light, "Blooms"

The evolution of Friday

Photo: Paul VanDerWerf

At first Friday felt like a complement to the week, a punctuation point that let you know you could accelerate all the energies you were bringing to your evenings already. Then Friday felt like a victory, the reward you received for pushing your way through the four days and nights that led up to it. Next, Friday felt like a reprieve, where at least your assailants went away for a couple of days (to rest up and return fully refreshed on Monday). Now Friday is only an occasion for anguish and anxiety, and the constant awareness that as soon as you shut your eyes for a second it will suddenly be Sunday night and everything will be about to start up again. Instead of a series of blows to the gut it’s one half-hearted crack in the jaw. It doesn’t hurt as bad but you still feel it for the next few days. Anyway, you made it. Happy Friday. Here’s something pretty. Enjoy.