Alex Cameron, "Mongrel"

October sucks.

Photo: Joel Bedford

October comes in with insufferable types making their Nobel Prize predictions, goes out with insufferable types complaining about how dark it’s getting and is filled all the way through with the whole insufferable world — particularly putative adults who should know better, or at least know enough to feel ashamed — talking about Halloween costumes. This year there is also full-on insufferable election fever (I am using the word to convey “sickness” rather than “excitement” in this case) to make the whole thing even more terrible than it usually is. And then, of course, there’s this:

It is enough to make you go back to bed, and let’s not even mention the weather. Unfortunately, the most insufferable part of October is that there’s no avoiding it. Let’s try to get through today and then take it from here. We can start with another video off of Alex Cameron’s phenomenal Jumping the Shark album. There’s a lot going on in the lyrics to this one, so do pay attention. And enjoy. It certainly doesn’t get any better from here.