Mall Grab, "Mountain" (With Yaeji)

Did you ever hear the story of the week that wouldn’t end?

Image: Raffi Asdourian

It seems like seven years ago we started on this week, and there’s a good reason for that: It was seven years ago. Scientists can’t quite explain why, but some shift in the space-time continuum — quite possibly related to the Presidential election, although conclusive evidence is as yet undiscovered — has resulted in each day now lasting 19 months. It is technically early in 2021 right now. By the time we meet back here again tomorrow it will be autumn, 2022. But at the very least it will be Friday. That’s right, people, if we can make it through another three years we will get to the weekend, at which point time will no doubt speed up to ensure that each day only lasts three hours. It’s a no-win situation.

What does win is this song, which Gorilla vs. Bear describes as “dreamy and hypnotic.” Gorilla vs. Bear is right! Please do enjoy. See you next year!