Youandewan, "Ciel"

What would you do in space?

Do you ever wish you were in space? I do. I do quite frequently. In space, they say, no one can hear you scream, and the only thing that is keeping me from screaming here on Earth is the fear that someone might hear me, because both the volume and duration of the scream that I would emit were I ever able to do so without worrying about anyone around me would be so unprecedented and terrifying that it might cause a cascading crescendo of howling so severe among others that the human race would howl itself into extinction. If I were in space I would scream the scream that I have been keeping myself from screaming to save the rest of you. If I were in space I might never stop screaming. And that is why I wish I were in space.

Anyway, here is a track from “Berlin-based Yorkshireman @Youandewan,” who “brings sweeping sci-fi pads, lightly de-tuned keys and arpeggios that plonk you straight into the driving seat of your own galactic cruiser.” It’s like you’re piloting a scream machine of your very own. Enjoy.