What's Up With Nick Denton's Very Reasonable Time Warner Cable Bill?

Is it possible that the Gawker founder does not have cable TV?

According to Denton’s bankruptcy filing, in addition to owing Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) $125 million, he only owes Time Warner $120.88. How is that possible? A quick sampling of TWC customers reveals that the average Triple Play customer in Brooklyn no longer on a promotional deal is paying around $170–200 per month, and some Verizon FiOS customers upwards of $250. That includes a phone too, but no one cares about the phone part, so the phone is almost always free and it’s only so your parents can call you on a “landline” that isn’t even a real landline anymore.

I guess what I’m saying is, is Denton a cord-cutter, or did he lock in a really good price in 2002? So I asked him via Twitter DM, and he told me he has internet only!

I’m a cord-cutter. It helps me relate to millennials. Joke. Actually, I simply can’t bear any interface other than Apple’s.

What a world.