The Funny Pit

Yes and we want more of your cash.

Harold and the Green Notes. Photo: Betty Tsang

So what do you call something that isn’t a exactly Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme or a multi-level marketing strategy or a “personal development” program but has elements of all those things? There really ought to be a word. Why am I asking? Oh, no reason. Anyway, if you’re looking for something to read this morning, the current New Yorker has a piece on the Upright Citizens Brigade by Emma Allen.

How the Upright Citizens Brigade Improvised a Comedy Empire

For further information you might enjoy this piece by Brendan O’Connor on the same subject from last year.

Inside the Comedy Factory

Anyway, do enjoy those stories. I will, completely unrelatedly, continue trying to think of a description for the kind of organization I wondered about above, if you have any ideas of your own please feel free to contribute.