Real-Life Emoji Found Off The Coast of California

This purple googly-eyed thing is called a “stubby squid”

Image: YouTube

Researchers on the Exploration Vessel Nautilus this week spotted a rarely seen creature on the ocean floor, off the coast of Southern California—the Rossia pacifica, also known as the “stubby squid”!!!!!!!!!!! According to Stuff, which is I think New Zealand’s main website,

Stubby squid inhabit areas of the Northern Pacific from Japan to southern California and like to bury themselves in the sea floor for protection, leaving only their eyes poking out.

Me too!!

The stubby squid is eensy weensy, measuring just 11 centimeters at its maximum length. Wow, that is also my birth height! And 900 feet under the ocean is my exact Brooklyn neighborhood.

Basically, this squid is me, and I am the following iOS emoji:

But is this a squid emoji or an octopus emoji? According to Google it could be either, but octopus is favored by 7,000 results.

EXCEPT THAT’S A TRICK QUESTION because this emoji only appears to have four arms, so let’s just settle for “cephalopod emoji,” okay? Great. And the aforementioned stubby squid? His nickname is now emoji squid. Thank you for playing.