Auntie Flo, "Reverence Drum Meditation"

What’s going on in that head of yours?

Namaste Harambe would be a good name for a band. Photo: Mel

Do you meditate? I know some people who swear by it. I know other people who think the idea of being alone with their own thoughts for a set period of time during which they are devoid of all other distractions may very well be the most terrible punishment anyone could suffer, a malevolent combination of terror and boredom, plus when you open your eyes you’re still the same dumb person you were ten minutes before but now you’re even more aware of how vacuous and devoid of significance your dreams and desires are. Let’s not even mention how stupid you look doing it. Still, apparently it helps some people? I guess it takes all kinds to make a world. Hey, here is some music with the word “meditation” in the title that I think everyone, even you, will enjoy. So enjoy.