Fund The Next Snapchat

It’s the one app everyone needs now.

What if there were an app that deleted every idiot picture, video, thought or series of emoji you were about to broadcast to the world before you put it out there for people to see? What if this app let you go ahead and tap out your feeble-minded statement and then rolled its virtual eyes at you before very visibly destroying it in front of you, possibly with some sort of bonfire GIF? Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the dumb things you say and do and post and feel stupid about only seconds later were prevented from even existing in the first place? Now that Snapchat is making memories live on forever there is a space in the market for my STFU app. (I am also working on a patented YBFD filter which calls you a big fucking dummy every time you try to make a video of yourself shitting fireworks out of your mouth.) If you are interested in funding this please get in touch; the kids today are so stupid there’s no way they won’t fall for it, and we need to hurry up and strike while the imbecile VCs still have money to set on fire. Thank you.

Your money could help buy us a better graphic designer.