Arandel, "Section 7 (Apolline D'Ash Remix)"

Don’t worry about a thing.

I have a hard time remembering a period where the mixture of tragedy and banality was so evenly matched. When you consider the level of ludicrousness on display over the last few days, who would have been shocked to see a photo of DeRay Mckesson’s arrest in Baton Rouge overlaid with an image of whatever Pokemons (Pokemen?) putative adults spent their weekend walking around trying to capture? As it is, this seems like the logical culmination of our American absurdity project:

And we haven’t gotten to the conventions yet! Cleveland is a week away! As stupid and senseless as everything seems at this very moment, you cannot even imagine how much worse things will be, because we now live in an age where reality outstrips our ability to prophesize farce and horror. I will share some new music in a moment but this morning a classic seems considerably more appropriate:

Okay, well, let’s get on with it. Who knows what the next five days will bring? Only an idiot would dare to predict them. Here’s some blippy bloopy stuff from French producer Arandel that will hopefully take your mind off things for a few minutes. Enjoy.