What Parts Of The Web Would You Leave Behind If We Built A New One?

You can’t say “everything” although, believe me, I completely understand why you’d want to.

Just the IDEA of fixing the Internet makes me think I’ve died and gone to heaven. (Photo: SCOTTCHAN/Shutterstock)

Question: If you could fix the web right now, what aspects would you disallow?

The stupid stuff that makes you cry? The posts you read and want to die? The toxic way it’s always on? The dumb cascade that starts each dawn and never lets up for a minute? The “content” with no content in it?

The sick and showy self-display that everyone puts on each day? The cheerful way we all disguise our self-promotion with the lies that building brands is now a must?

The gross misuse of people’s trust when what we really choose to show is where we’ve seen the traffic go? (I make no judgments on that score; everyone’s a traffic whore. Still, the rush to ape and add to coverage — whether good or bad — because we know the numbers work is so predictably knee-jerk that even those with fair intentions can’t escape grotesque dimensions.)

The poison that is magnified pretending life is cut-and-dried? The pile-ons, fights and ugly bouts where all you hear are desperate shouts of those who loudly seek to show that they’re the only ones who know the difference between right and wrong?

The lazy posts about a song?

The “here’s how this thing happened” clinics — and advocacy of same from cynics who say that you can’t argue clicks when all their posts are based on tricks that tap into our basest urges? The way that everything converges into one disgusting pool of empty, fetid verbal drool?

Or maybe there’s some other stuff you wish the web would somehow snuff? I want to know, because I care! Please make sure that you like and share.