French Band, You, Old

Why does this keep happening?

Wasn’t it yesterday that they were small?

There is an ancient Yiddish curse that, roughly translated, goes, “May you live to see bands you still think of as new, because they started up right after your most formative years as a listener to music, stick around long enough that suddenly they are putting out greatest hits collections in honor of their twentieth anniversary and, even though you can still remember where you were the moment you heard them, you are forced to confront the seemingly impossible amount of time that has expired since they first impinged on your consciousness and now the very thought of them is a painful reminder of how little you’ve done two decades on from when you were like, ‘Huh, these guys sound interesting, I should go to the record store and pick up their CD.’” They had very specific (and prescient) curses, the old Jews. Anyway, Air’s 20th’s anniversary collection is out now and they showed up on French TV to do a couple of songs, which I cannot embed for whatever reason but are available simply by clicking the words that are the names of their titles, i.e. “La femme d’argent” and “Kelly watch the stars.” Enjoy. I would say that I hope this doesn’t happen to you but when you get to be my age about all you’ve got left are dreams of revenge, so I am sorry to say that I kind of do hope it happens to you, young person. It goes quick. [Via]