Band Of Horses , "Whatever, Wherever"

The Fiction Issue is my favorite issue of The New Yorker because I don’t give a shit about fiction and it lasts for two weeks, so for 14 amazing days I can walk around with the serene air of someone who is completely on top of their periodical game. There’s a gleam in my eye, a spring in my step, and the hint of a confident — bordering on smug — smile playing at the corners of my mouth. (My dream is that they give us a week off after The Style Issue too, but then I might become unstoppable.) As of this morning, we have 7 more days until there is a new New Yorker, so I just want to remind you that everything ends and you should be sure to use your free time wisely while you still have it. Anyway, here’s another one from the forthcoming Band of Horses record. Something I have noticed about this album: These songs are much better on the second listen. Like, they’re not bad the first time around but they are noticeably more enjoyable when you hear them again. (See also.) So give this one a spin and then come back to it tomorrow. You’ve got plenty of time, it’s not like you’ve got a new New Yorker to get through. Enjoy.