The End Of The Trump Campaign

America’s heroes step in to end all this foolishness.

“But I loved ‘The Ice Storm!’”

Are you frightened by the possibility that Donald Trump might be the next president of the United States? Good news! Stephen Elliott, Rebecca Solnit, Michael Chabon, Lydia Davis, Rick Moody, Ben Marcus, Dave Eggers and more than 400 other writers have “signed an open letter to the American people, addressing their concerns about Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.”

Clearly this public missive will cause everyone who has thus far registered support for the presumptive Republican nominee to disavow their approval. Given how attuned literary types are to the zeitgeist — and the high level of esteem in which they are held by regular people who aren’t inclined to share every thought they have in book form — it seems unlikely that Trump will be taken seriously by anyone outside of his immediately family from now on. (That son-in-law who owns the newspaper must be particularly stung to see this stunning reaction from members of the world of words in which he spends so much time.)

Perhaps you’re worried that the opprobrium of a collection of publishing types — no matter how revered — might not be enough to end the Trump threat? Think again!

“This is not the first time in recent history that creative writers have banded together against a noxious force. In 2014, over 900 authors signed a petition that ran as a full-page New York Times ad, speaking out against Amazon, which they described as a threat to the book publishing industry.”

Remember Amazon? Of course you don’t, the writers took care of that. Everything’s going to be okay now. Go back to your copy of the latest New York Review of Books, there’s a pretty devastating takedown of Noam Chomsky toward the front.