It's A Beautiful Day To Stare At The Sun


For the next four hours, you can watch a small, hot rock cross in front of an enormous, burning ball of plasma. It seems a lot better than whatever else you’re doing, especially if you’re stuck inside:

Some things to consider while you’re doing this:

  • Mercury is in retrograde. Do you know what that means?.
  • “Mercury, the Winged Messenger” from Gustav Holst’s The Planets, Op. 32, is a delightful little listen. All British people are required to know this suite, so that when the BBC announces it, they can include the aside, “of course”:
  • Don’t look directly at the sun, you idiot. Also, your eclipse glasses won’t work. You’ll have to find a friend with a telescope or pick a livestream.
  • It is very, very cold in space. Aren’t you happy to be here on a nice, warm earth?
  • It’s still Monday. Sorry!