Do All The Political Analysts Get Fired Now?

In any reasonable world the frequency with which our ludicrously self-important political handicappers prove themselves incompetent at the only skill with which they are supposed to have any facility would result in shame, scorn and termination. As it is these same puffed-up “analysts” are going to get another bite at the apple with a series of “I was wrong about Trump — here’s why” pieces and then pivot so quickly to issuing predictions once more that you will forget they apologized in the first place. You must remember: These people don’t know anything more than you do, and they are so obsessed with keeping their seat at the table — no matter how far that table is from the center of the room — that they are actually more blinkered and prone to error than you are. Plus you at least have the good sense to shut your stupid mouth every now and again. God, why aren’t you doing our horse race coverage? It would be so much better. Please do me a favor and get one of those gigs.