Actually, It's About Ethics In College-Level Moral-Reasoning Courses

But was Harambe the fat man or the fat villain?

A silverback gorilla was shot and killed in the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday afternoon after a small boy fell into its enclosure. This led to predictable outrage: the silverback is an endangered species, most zoos are roundly disapproved of by animal-rights activists and common-sense-havers alike, and people love small, innocent children (especially male ones). This is basically a dream moral quandary—somewhere, just outside of Boston, some philosopher is having more interesting dinner conversations than usual. But the trap here is thinking that there’s any right answer. Life, just like America and Zoos, isn’t fair, and there are very frequently scenarios where everybody loses. A pretty comprehensive analysis of gorillagate was tweeted last night by Chelsea Peretti at 11:05 p.m. EDT: