Tweets Allowed

by Kelly McClure

email’s working

— MTV News (@MTVNews) April 28, 2016

Those of us who work on the Internet can relate to that sense of delirium that sinks in after the tedium of daily, unbroken hours spent in front of a computer screen. And then from time to time, we’ll come across a tweet from McDonald’s that just says “My balls” or something. There’s a lot of power in being able to write pretty much whatever you want and have it online within minutes, for the whole world to read! Over the past year or so there has been a lot of buzz about the amount of re-branding taking place at MTV, specifically within its news division. In an attempt to win younger audiences back from the clutches of Vice and Buzzfeed, they’ve been on a hiring spree: snatching up entertainment writers left and right. One recent acquisition is Darcie Wilder, a writer in New York who ran a Vice parody account and is known for her specific brand of stream-of-consciousness tweeting. There’s been a lot of that happening recently and it seems like Darcie is really holding on to that account password tight.

oh damn my boss is back in the office. he’s been gone this week could you tell — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 28, 2016

hi I’m reporting live from lunch with my coworkers — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 28, 2016

All of these tweets so far have gone down within the past day which leads me to believe some sort of hostage situation is taking place. MTV, if you need help air an episode of Just Say Julie within the next ten minutes so I know.

not only do i lol but i also lmao but never have i ever rofl

— MTV News (@MTVNews) April 27, 2016

i work for mtv — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 27, 2016

typos just prove how relatable we are

— MTV News (@MTVNews) April 27, 2016

Okay, that is relatable.

while i’m here i just wanna say i hate the word “hydrate” as well as the phrase “due to the fact.” just say “because” — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 27, 2016

sup. it’s me again

— MTV News (@MTVNews) April 27, 2016

forgot what i was going to say — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 26, 2016

hi I’m reporting live from lunch with my coworkers

— MTV News (@MTVNews) April 28, 2016

how do you know if you’re fired — MTV News (@MTVNews) April 26, 2016

Darcie: you’ll know when you get ejected from the company Slack. I reached out to Darcie to see how it’s going over there; I’ll update this post if I hear back!