The Dream Of The '90s Is Alive In Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas - 2016 main Ben Watts

Have you been to the movies recently? Have you noticed that they’re just taking all the old hits and making them new again, except not good? All these sequels and franchises and reboots are much higher quality, though. They’re brighter and shinier and have way better special effects and higher resolution, like the above photograph of Rob Thomas taken this year, though he somehow looks younger and more well rested than he ever has before. The same thing is happening in some corners of the music industry — back catalog sales are soaring, and nostalgia for the nineties has never been higher. What I’m trying to say is Rob Thomas is going on a North American tour this summer with The Counting Crows, so in case you thought we were done remembering the ’90s, you were very, very wrong. Oh and here’s Rob Thomas’s doleful new single, “Pieces.”

Photo: Ben Watts