In The Medium Future

by The Awl


“Medium is offering a tremendous suite of services that makes sense for where we are right now. This extra network effect is extremely positive. Being on Medium makes the process more efficient, and from an [a]esthetic point of view, it’s a good place for it to live.”
— That’s our publisher, Michael Macher, explaining why The Awl and The Hairpin will soon be hosted on Medium. (Learn more here, including some of the other names making the move, and then Our mission remains the same, and if anything we’ll be bringing a brand new energy to the things that you’ve always expected from us and that we’ve always tried to deliver for you. In many ways, the partnership gives us more room to stretch out and do things we’ve never been able to do up to now. We know that this might seem frightening and strange, so remember: Change is always scary but that never keeps it from happening anyway. A few tiny adjustments here and there and after a while you won’t even remember the way things used to be. You know, like life. We’ll get through it together, we promise. Thanks for being the kind of readers who are so fond of their publication that a note like this is necessary; it makes a big difference in what we do.