Credit Given

“[S]omething the Awl did was set out to be that anti-authoritarian brand for the Internet. They came to be at a time when there was a lot of content farms on the Web and chaos and not quality work. He created a brand that had a very strong identity and kept that identity in a very smart way. But you almost have to have an expertise in all the things you’re not doing to be that good at what you’re doing. He built a successful business and not just with the Awl but the entire Awl network.”
— Here’s a profile of Vox Media platform guru Choire Sicha, a remarkable man who single-handedly created a contrarian media organization through his own Herculean efforts and force of will before moving on to take a role as an ambassador to [SOMETHING ABOUT MOBILE AND APPS]. It’s a fascinating look at the new challenges facing an American hero.