New York City, March 9, 2016

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★★★★★ Haze stuck to everything, filling the spaces between buildings like smoke. On the walk uphill from the school door, the everyday thick hoodie was suddenly too warm. The northern horizon framed by the buildings along the avenue was ocher. It was time to try a more distant coffee shop — almost time to get the coffee iced. Time to think about it. Fifth Avenue felt like Taipei in December. Light dripped down a blank wall of old irregular brick, exposed and waiting to be covered by new construction. Out came pale bare arms and even paler legs. Smokers savored their cigarettes. People sat out on the blocks of stone in the Broadway pedestrian zone. There was just enough coolness on the afternoon air for a man in shirtsleeves to have given his suit jacket to the woman he was with, in a lightweight dress. Uptown at sunset a warm wind was still blowing. Something was chirping outside on the night air.