The Trump Endorsement


Looking at what’s left of the Republican field it occurs to me that, you know what, why wouldn’t Donald Trump be my choice for the nomination? I mean, as someone who hopes that the Democratic candidate wins, he strikes me as the most beatable? And even if bad things happen and the Republicans pull this one out, is it at all possible that Trump would somehow be worse than Rubio or Cruz? Look, I say a lot of stupid shit for effect — sometimes just to see how it sounds! I know what it’s like to shout out something you don’t mean just because you know it’ll get a reaction. Is Donald Trump racist and will be he terrible about immigration? Maybe. If you take him at his word, sure. But what would a Cruz or Rubio administration do differently? Trump at least wouldn’t be beholden to the party whose ticket he is running on. You think he gives a shit about abortion or the gays or any other social issue, really? Isn’t it an even chance that Donald Trump might be responsible for a couple of abortions? The fuck does he care? He’ll probably get distracted or bored! Okay, but what about starting a bunch of dumb wars with his big mouth? It’s possible, I guess. Let me ask you: Do you think the other guys won’t start them with their pretty little ones? I mean, yes, it’s probably bad to be like, “Well, this guy is full of shit, so at least the possible upside is that he won’t be the total nightmare that the other two will certainly be because he doesn’t mean it.” But where we’re at at the moment I have to believe that this is the best choice we’ve got. And if the worst case scenario comes to pass, and he actually follows through on whatever it is he’s said, the end of the world is going to be a lot zippier and filled with humor than the way the rest of the field would manage to bring it about. So, yeah, sure, why not, let’s have Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. I fully support that. And I’m proud that New Jersey governor Chris Christie agrees with me. Now I know for sure I’m on the right side. What an amazing age in which we live, for however much longer that continues to be the case.