Lionlimb, "Just Because"

Still very much enjoying the Lionlimb album we mentioned last month. Responses to “Domino” noted the strong influence of Elliott Smith, a comparison the correctness of which I cannot accurately assess since — and what I’m about to say here may shock and alarm you, so please be seated if you are not already — I never really got into Elliott Smith. I know this is probably very bad, particularly given my age, demographic, and low level of love for life, but I didn’t get around to it at the time and now it feels like the effort wouldn’t be worth it, what with the lateness of the hour. Sorry. If he sounds like Lionlimb, great, I can just listen to them and not need to carve out a whole new slice of my brain for another back catalog. Anyway, this music is the perfect accompaniment to a dark spring afternoon, which is what we’ve got going on here in New York right now. Enjoy.