Vox Media Terrorized by Pissroach


Earlier today, Eater’s new executive editor Helen Rosner (congrats!) referred to a “beautiful” companywide email. The Awl has acquired it from an anonymous source, and we have learned that Vox Media’s New York office manager Becky Rosefelt may be the bravest and most patient soul in media: She is currently combatting a gigantic pissroach on behalf of Vox’s many salesdudes.

Hello gentlemen of the 9th floor,

Now that 25% of you have approached me bearing an iphone 6 with a picture of a cockroach in the urinal, I’ll address this head on.

There is a cockroach in the urinal on the 9th floor.

Since I don’t want to touch it any more than you do, I’ve requested that the building take care of it. This hasn’t occurred yet, but when it does, I’m happy to notify you. No, you were not the only one to almost have a heart attack or wet yourself (although that’s the place to do it) — urine in good company.

Please refrain from showing me anymore cockroach pix. Check yourself before you insect yourself.


Vox, a billion-dollar company, is reportedly moving from its current pissroach-infested offices in Midtown to seventy thousand square feet of space in the Financial District at 85 Broad Street, the former headquarters of Goldman Sachs. We hope, at least for the office manager’s sake, that in addition to its many other amenities, that it is pissroach-free.

UPDATE: At least some Recode employees were not informed of the pissroach.

UPDATE II: Tipster: “Greg T. Gordon — Executive Director of Video, Vox Creative — for the kill.”

UPDATE III: Original pissroach photo added.

UPDATE IV: August 29, 2017—According to Jenny G. Zhang, newsletter editor for Eater, the pissroach (or a relative pissroach) has returned, this time to haunt the women’s bathroom

And here is a video:


Photo by Becky Rosefelt