Companies That Appeared in My Job Search Results in San Francisco, Ranked

by Zach Dorfman


30. Swirl

29. Stripe

28. Shmoop

27. Splunk

26. Wrap

25. Kabam

24. Nurun

23. Watsi

22. The RealReal (“Do you want to work with luxury goods every day?”)

21. The Awesome Institute (“Our vision is to help 50,000 entrepreneurs live happier, healthier, more sustainable, and all around more Awesome lives”)

20. Blippar (“At Blippar, we are building something that’s going to change the world. We are creating a new behaviour called blipping”)

19. Replicon

18. Sojern (“Perks: Wealth — Stock Options”)

17. Smart Coos


15. MusikFace

14. Crunchyroll

13. CarBuzz (“The BuzzFeed of automotive news”)

12. FungBros (“An Asian-American Buzzfeed, a family-friendly version of Vice hosted by Asians”)

11. The Hustle: Your Excuse to Do Epic Sh*t (“A New Media Company that’s like Vice”)

10. Zazzle

9. Houzz

8. Magoosh

7. Martafy! (“We are growing FAST, and are looking for a superstar Virtual Assistant to support our founder, Branding Badass/PowerPoint Ninja, Marta Kagan” )

6. Amplitude

5. Nitro

4. Hero

3. Feastly

2. Prosper

1. Man Crates

Photo by Kelly Smith