Why Announce All of the Layoffs at Once When You Could Parcel Them Out One Day at a Time


When Conde Nast announced yesterday that it was ending Details and re-organizing Self, it seemed that the latter was essentially spared, given long-running rumors that it would be closed as well. According to the corporate memo, it sales department would merely be merged with Glamour’s, “allowing the unified teams will leverage the audience scale of two great brands and create a leading women’s advertising platform for our clients,” brands, engagement, audience, capital, etc. What was left unsaid is that, as WWD reports, Self is laying off fifteen editorial staffers, with the cuts in “the print side in the fashion and features departments, as well as some staffers in its art department,” as well other departments — though “most of the magazine’s senior staff and digital team remain intact.” The Twitter account does seem unaffected.

Meanwhile, the publisher of Conde Nast Traveler was fired while he was on a boat with his national sales staff.

Who knows what fresh efficiencies will be wrought by FTI Consulting’s residency at 1 World Trade Center in the coming weeks? There’s still a whole month until Christmas.