Lowly, "S.W.I.M."

And here we are. You looked out yesterday at the low light of the late afternoon and you realized that even the warm weather we’re having this week won’t conceal the sadness of the season once you walk out of work into total darkness tonight. You’re in it. The dying leaves and fading sun tell you all you need to know. The holidays will come and you’ll float through those on a river of alcohol and a raft of pills but you will still wash up on the shore of January empty and alone and unprepared once more to face a winter that lasts for four months after (if you’re lucky). You had a good run and you may have even convinced yourself to forget that it would ever end, but winter can only be kept at bay for so long and once the clocks go back the door opens and in it strolls, sitting down at your table and settling in with a smile, saying only, “And here we are.” While you adjust, enjoy some rot and decay from Lowly, whose new EP is one of the most impressive debuts of the year.