New York City, October 29, 2015

★★★★ Flecks of bright yellow gleamed on windows here and there in the gray landscape. More yellow bloomed; the gray scattered and fled east. A stagey patch of reflected sun drew the eye to someone passing out fitness-center handbills. More clouds arrived and went away again. The door rattled in its frame as the breeze blew in the window, and the tilt wand on the blinds swung out the opening. The unimpeded sun stretched a golden curtain of streaks and grime across the window glass. The wind had found some sweet spot in the building and was screaming against the door. Everyone was in a mood. At the very bottom western edge of the otherwise impassive blue sky, a purple and orange sunset condensed. It shrank even further to a wild fluorescent magenta, visible only if you went to the right spot and looked for it.