Basic Soul Unit, "The Rift Between"

I rather like this. Perhaps you will too. The whole thing seems like a good soundtrack for a long walk, so if you’ve got something like that in your future click on the “Resident Advisor” bit at the top for the rest of it. I mean, if you are someone who owns one of those fancy phones that has a little computer in it that you can carry along with you on your journeys. Have I told you yet about how I still don’t have a smartphone? I haven’t? I must not know you personally, because oh my God everyone in my life is sick to death of hearing about WHY WOULD I WANT TO LUG THE INTERNET AROUND WITH ME ALL THE TIME / HOW GROSS IS IT THAT YOU CAN’T EVER BE DISCONNECTED FROM THE CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION POINT OF ALL THAT IS TERRIBLE ABOUT MODERN LIVING / DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THE LAST TIME YOU HAD A THOUGHT ON YOUR OWN OR HEARD THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD PROBABLY NOT / YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH BETTER LIFE IS NOT HAVING TO LOOK ANY ANYONE ELSE’S PICTURES ON INSTAGRAM etc. It gets pretty tiresome even for me, and there are very few things about which I can’t be tiresome on a professional level, but I have so little left to be smug over in my life that I want to wring out every last drop of superiority that I can before they stop making phones that don’t connect you to the Internet and I become a glass-eyed scroll jockey like the rest of you. Wait, where were we? Oh, right, this track. I know nothing about the act in question but as I said before you got me distracted by the subject of smartphones, I rather like the song. Perhaps you will too. Enjoy!