A Poem by Sina Queyras

by Mark Bibbins, Editor

Little Fugue

The world has become a mewling baby
 — Lisa Robertson

Bloody world, greedy little marketplace,
How you have flooded
Our minds with the bodies of women,

So many they are clogging the feeds.
The sea churns up its warrior dead too,
Says, enough, enough,

Spits out your plastics, your
Your replicas, your portion
Control. Where will your Beethovens

Thrive in this new Century? How
Will you hear them with your ear
Buds in?

While we were busy
Following someone’s dead
Link, the world has transformed.

I used to fear the empty
Shopping mall,
Its dead arteries

And veins that close
In upon themselves,
Without grief.

Now I log on
Every morning
And see strangers

Planting their aspirations,
Sweet and leafy
For me to read.

Sina Queyras lives in Montreal.

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