The Way We'll Eat Then

“Yeah, we’re going to be doing modern takes on classic Brooklyn-American food of our grandparents’ generation, and the only way to do that right is with real meat. So it’s another period restaurant… a throwback to the late twentieth-century, early twenty-first century — but at a much higher level. Think roasted pig’s belly, lots of vegetables charred in cast iron dishes and seasoned with more pork, heirloom borecole salads, steak and beef tartare and tubers, of course, and in a couple of years, aged meats. Unfortunately, not poultry or oysters — which were key to that era’s style of dining — because they’re gone, obviously. What I wanted to get back to again was this period of a certain kind of casual luxury, an era where everyone could afford to be inefficient, when eating meat was normal and natural, and we’re taking the re-creation of that culture very seriously.”
— How will rich people eat out in 2081? Here’s a preview.