Does The 'Hamilton' Backlash Start Here?

Listened to Hamilton during a long car ride. You people have all lost your mind.

— jay caspian kang (@jaycaspiankang) September 26, 2015

“I felt like I was watching an overzealous first year social studies teacher rap her lesson plan at her horrified students,” the brave and foolish iconoclast continued. Now that one man has courageously stepped forward to express this incredibly controversial opinion, will anyone else emerge to second the suggestion that perhaps the show might not be the greatest work ever in the history of musical theater? Or will the likelihood that Hamilton-hater Kang — who even had the temerity to compare the show unfavorably to Rent — ends up with his head on a pike in front of The Richard Rodgers for his effrontery discourage everyone else from sharing even the slightest doubt about the show? Stay tuned! I mean, if you don’t have much else going on in your life.