Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 8, Ranked

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13. In his final act of bad parenting, man is revealed to have given his ten-year-old son an email address that is the son’s real name.

12. Man proposes a heist to solve all of the problems that solving the case of another heist caused.

11. Man puts the weight of his badness on his son: “I’m sorry for the man I became, the father I was… I hope you got the strength to learn from that.”

10. Man tries to turn his wife out by saying, “If you can’t have a kid what good is the design, see?”

9. In his final moments, man hallucinates about the time he was mocked by his father and… a group of black youths.

8. Man refers to the act of news breaking with a stunning new metaphor: “shit hits the cloud.”

7. Man’s voice recording won’t upload from his phone even though he has 4/5 bars of reception. Must have been AT&T.;

6. Man and his phone’s data connection die together in the woods. It was definitely AT&T.;

5. Woman tells man he has sex like he “was making up for lost time.”

4. Man describes another man who has tortured and killed several people through the course of the show as “actually not a bad guy.”

3. Woman says, “My life ended that day.” Another woman responds, knowledgeably, “No it didn’t.”

2. Man voluntarily gives up a million dollars, but literally dies on the hill of having to give up his suit.

1. Woman says “We’re going to talk again right?” Man responds, “Are you kidding me? You’re going to need a restraining order.”