Book Trailered

I am pretty much in the tank for Awl pal Sloane Crosley so you will probably dismiss any kind words I deliver for her forthcoming novel The Clasp as the unreliable praise of a friend. Fair enough. If I say something like, “The Clasp is so good that it’s going to make people who are already jealous of her essays angry that she can handle fiction too,” I will fully understand your inclination to disregard it. I mean, I know it to be true, but you’ll just have to make your own decision, preferably by buying it when it comes out this fall. But let’s not argue about this good book from a friend. Instead, watch this book trailer, which is funny and has that actress from the movies in it. Oh, you don’t believe in my praise for book trailers either? You know what? Maybe you and I need to step outside.