Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 5, Ranked

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9. In response to a Chinese man saying he’s Chinese, man says “Then go stand in front of a fucking tank.”

8. Man shaves his Frank Zappa mustache.

7. Men are confused about how a woman could be attending a workplace harassment class, encourage her to talk about how she likes big dicks.

6. Gangster says of a woman calling him a gangster, “You know I don’t like that word.”

5. After blaming man’s fertility problems, woman admits she can’t have a child because she’s had too many abortions.

4. Man says “sexual harassment is a political tool.”

3. Wife who was raped says to ex-husband, “That ruined everything… ruined you.”

2. Man says, “The enemy won’t reveal himself, Raymond. Stymies my retribution… it’s like blue balls in your heart.”

1. Man says alone in his car, “One day you might ask yourself what the limit is to the pain you’re experiencing and you’ll find there’s no limit at all.”