Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 4, Ranked


11. Man asks another man if he “knows the world ‘louche.’”

10. Man intimidates another man by saying, “I’ve never lost a tooth… never even had a fuckin cavity.”

9. Man says of adopting a child, “I don’t do somebody else’s time… at least with your kid, it’s your sins.”

8. Man says to woman, “You know as well as I do no grown woman in her right mind would date a cop.”

7. Man triggers police cruiser lights to get through traffic while man in passenger seat takes swigs from a bottle of Smirnoff vodka.

6. Man says to another man, “Sometimes your worst self is your best self, know what I’m saying?”

5. Man with a double-mortgaged home, double-mortgaged business, and entirely leveraged five million dollars in savings with no liquidity to speak of continues to drink Johnnie Walker Blue at every opportunity.

4. Man asks another man to make a deal as a singer sings, “The kind of man who’d ask me then if he could make a deal.”

3. A man racked with guilt over doing SOMETHING with another man seizes opportunity to marry his suddenly pregnant girlfriend immediately after this exchange: “Aren’t you on the pill?” “It’s not a hundred percent.”

2. Woman confronted over a cut-and-dry breach of ethics so that her character can adopt a position of righteous indignation about how “this would not be happening to a man.” Man says to her, “Imagine that — you adopting a positing of righteous indignation.”

1. Man who constantly, selfishly grapples with his own problems to the inconvenience of everyone who is supposedly important to him says to another man with more present and pressing problems, “You’re a survivor… everything else is dust in your eyes. Just blink it away, man.”