Moments from True Detective Season 2 Episode 3, Ranked


11. Man rips out another man’s grill, because “what kind of way is that to greet the world.”

10. Second plotline about male fertility emerges.

9. Man has trophy wife who is twenty-two, foreign, cuts out pictures from magazines, wears formal dress and vapes all day.

8. Man has son who cultivates a deep tan, close cropped hair, and “urban” accent for his Rachel Dolezal act

7. Man says, “Yeah, I’m a set photographer” — *takes pictures of mostly naked women in costume* — “best use of my time so far.”

6. Man says of a non-lethal gunshot wound, “Took one in the sternum, so my heart aches.”

5. Man tells man maybe his father made him nervous because he “lacked grit.”

4. Man is too distraught to be aroused by a blow job, which has “never happened to him in his fuckin’ life.”

3. Female superior says to her female employee of her male colleague, “I’m not saying ‘fuck him,’ but maybe let him think you might fuck him.”

2. Man drinks water: “Booze tends to take the edge off; I want to stay angry.”

1. Man tells another man he won’t be able to progress in his work with “this angsty cop drama you’re rolling.”