Heathered Pearls, "Abandoned Mall Utopia (ft. Shigeto)"

How hot will it be today? It will be so hot today that you will stand there stunned, looking at the sun and wondering why it is doing this to you. It will be so hot today that the winter in your soul will go quiet and seek to stay hidden because it cannot win an argument right now. It will be so hot today that tomorrow, when it is actually warmer, you will lack even the energy required to roll your eyes at anyone who tries to talk you about how hot it is. It will be so hot today that you will consider wearing shorts and then, if you are a man, realize you can’t because the price you pay for all the privilege is having to adhere to a standard of sartorial behavior which, however stultifying or disagreeable, is a worthwhile trade-off for walking around feeling like you have the answers to everything and are being asked for them anytime someone looks your way and stops speaking for a second. It’s going to be hot, is what I’m saying. The only advice I can give you is to listen to this track and think cool thoughts. Enjoy.